“Aunt Het” Cartoons

Inside Cover

“Aunt Het” cartoons offer the matronly wisdom of a world-weary older housewife, always drawn with an apron and sweeping, or catching rainwater in a bowl, or handing cookies to children, or pouring water from the teakettle, or coal into the furnace as she says something to a listener:

“I used to try to please everybody, but I found out it couldn’t be done. If I can please me and Providence, I won’t worry about what anybody else thinks.”

“Emmie does not know how to be a friend. A friend sees you like you are with nothing hidden, so you got to keep still about one another’s faults.”

“Everybody seems to be buyin’ that book that tells how to make folks like you. It may be right, but I’ve never seen any way that works better than likin’ folks.”

“One o’ these days I’m goin’ to cut loose, I’m tired o’ bein’ thoughtful and never sayin’ anythin’ to hurt folks that don’t mind bein’ catty to me.”



2 Responses to “Aunt Het” Cartoons

  1. I grew up with Aunt Het in the Sacramento Bee…

  2. Lynne Boghossian says:

    Oh How I loved reading the wisdom of Aunt Het! Growing up in Philadelphia, I would turn to her thoughts as soon as the Evening Bulletin arrived.

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